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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who is the target audience for CodexPro?+

    It is designed to serve as a coding assessment platform for any organization, institution, or company that needs to evaluate the coding skills of candidates, not only for hiring but also for internal job placement, promotions, or skills development purposes.

  • Which programming languages are supported for a coding test?+

    At present, our platform offers support for multiple programming languages like C, C++, Java, and Python, which are widely used in the software development industry. However, CodexPro may expand its language support in the future based on the needs of Recruiters.

  • Explain what is Safe Exam Browser and how it can be beneficial?+

    Safe Exam Browser is a tool that creates a secure environment for online assessments, preventing cheating and ensuring the integrity of exams by restricting access to other applications, websites, and unauthorized resources. It benefits organizations that need to conduct secure online exams and maintain assessment credibility.

  • Does CodexPro offer a free trial?+

    Yes, CodexPro does offer a free trial for interested organizations. It provides a chance to explore the platform's features, understand its capabilities, and evaluate whether it's the right fit for the organization's needs. For more details, please visit the pricing page.

  • Is it possible to upgrade my plan if I hit the candidate limit?+

    If an organization reaches its candidate limit, it is possible to upgrade to a higher plan to accommodate more candidates. Upgrading to a higher plan can provide additional features and capabilities. CodexPro offers flexible subscription plans that can be adjusted to meet the changing needs of the organization.

  • Can you explain how to create an assessment?+

    This process involves three main steps: filling in the test details, selecting questions, and choosing programming languages. By following these steps, you can create a new assessment evaluating the coding skills of candidates:

    • After logging in, click on the "Create New Test" button.
    • Fill in the test details, including the name, date, start time, duration, pass percentage, and select whether to enable proctoring or not.
    • Select questions from the question bank or create your own questions.
    • Select the programming languages you want to use for the assessment.
    • Click on the "Save" button to create the new assessment.
  • How to invite candidates?+

    • Log in to the CodexPro platform and navigate to the assessment you want to invite candidates to.
    • Click on the "Show Test Candidates" button.
    • Click on the "Invite Candidates" button.
    • To invite a single candidate, enter their email address in the provided field and click "Add Candidate".
    • To invite multiple candidates at once, create a CSV file with their email addresses and upload it by clicking on "Choose File".
    • After adding all candidates, click on the "Send Mail" button to send the invitation to all candidates in the list.
  • Is it possible to reschedule a test?+

    Yes, it is possible to reschedule a test. The platform provides the flexibility to change the test details such as the date, start time, and duration of the assessment. This can be done by the recruiter, who has access to the test.

  • Can I create and upload my own question set?+

    On this platform, recruiters have access to a question bank as well as they can create and customize their own questions. This allows them to tailor assessments to their specific needs and ensure that the questions are relevant to the job role being hired for. By customizing the assessments in this way, recruiters can evaluate the coding skills of candidates effectively and accurately.

  • What if we need to update the question set in an existing test? Is it possible to edit such test details?+

    Yes, it is possible to update the question set in an existing test. Recruiters can add or remove questions as needed. This gives recruiters the flexibility to modify their assessments.

  • Can we get a consolidated report of the test result?+

    Yes, it provides a consolidated report of the test results. Recruiters can download the results in CSV file format for further analysis. This report includes the scores of each candidate, the time taken to complete the test, and other relevant details.

  • What web browsers are compatible with coding platform?+

    It is compatible with most modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. It is recommended to use the latest version of the browser for optimal performance and experience.

  • How I can contact CodexPro support team?+

    If you need to contact the CodexPro support team, you can reach out to them by sending an email to Alternatively, you can click on the "Contact Us" button on the support page of the CodexPro website to get in touch with the support team.


  • Is it possible to take an assessment using a mobile device?+

    Taking a coding assessment using a mobile device is not recommended as it may not provide the best user experience due to limitations. Coding exams require specific hardware requirements like a keyboard and mouse, for ease of use. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take coding assessments on a desktop or laptop computer for the best possible experience.

  • Is a webcam mandatory to take an exam?+

    Whether a webcam is mandatory to take an exam depends on the recruiter or test administrator. If proctoring is enabled, then a webcam is required to ensure the integrity of the test-taking process and prevent cheating. During the exam, a pop-up will prompt you to allow access to your camera, which is necessary for the validity of the test.

  • Will my test be automatically submitted if I don't click on submit before the end time?+

    Yes, if you do not click on the "submit" button before the end time of the test, the system will automatically submit the test when time is over.

  • Can I switch between questions during a test?+

    Yes, you can switch between questions during a test. However, once you have submitted your answer for a particular question, you cannot resubmit your answer for that question.

  • Which programming languages I can use to take test?+

    The programming languages available for a coding test are determined by the recruiter. You can only use the programming languages that have been provided for the test.

  • What does it mean when a question shows 50% or 100% passed after compilation?+

    It means that the system has run a series of test cases against the code you have submitted for that question. If all test cases pass, the question will show 100% passed, indicating that the code is correct for all possible inputs. However, if some test cases fail, the question will show a lower percentage indicating that there is something wrong with the logic of your code, and it needs to be improved.

  • Can I resubmit a solution for a question multiple times?+

    You can compile your code multiple times to check your logic and ensure that it passes all test cases. However, you can only submit your answer once and cannot resubmit it.

  • What happens if my internet connection is lost or there is a power failure while I am taking an assessment?+

    It is important to have a stable internet connection to avoid interruptions. However, if you do lose your connection, you can still log back in using the same exam link and resume the test where you left off. The time that is lost will still be counted against your total test time. It is recommended to have a backup internet connection or to notify the test administrator.

  • How to report a technical issue during taking a test?+

    If you encounter any technical issues while taking an exam, you should immediately reach out to the CodexPro support team or test administrator. You can contact the CodexPro support team by sending an email to

  • Will I able to see my result immediately after submitting an exam?+

    No, you will not be able to see your results immediately after submitting the exam. The recruiter or test administrator will contact you after evaluating your coding proficiency and adherence to best practices, which may take some time. The standard time for receiving the results varies depending on the organization and the complexity of the exam.